Bill Thomson

Bill Thomson

Bill, a native Savannahian, is considered one of the best kept secrets of the Savannah tourism industry. Bill has led tours of Historic Downtown Savannah for over 40 years and is undeniably the city’s most authoritative and distinguished tour guide. The focus of Bill’s expertise lies within the oldest neighborhood of Savannah as he leisurely strolls with his guests on a tour rich with historic residential facts. Bill’s genteel charm and whimsical personality are the epitome of southern hospitality at its best. He is known to carry a supply of umbrellas for his guests in case of rain and a portfolio of historic photographs that deepen his unparalleled presentation.

Kelse Palko

Kelse, a native of Hampton, VA, takes great pride in calling Savannah home and sharing Georgia’s First City with his guests. After many years serving in the hospitality industry with careers in gaming, sales and tourism, Kelse developed his current profession out of his passion for history and uncovering the truths that linger below its surface. He is an avid investigative reader as well as an enthusiastic traveler with a deep appreciation for the history of all places and people. Guests are enlightened through Kelse’s energetic delivery and spirited introduction to Savannah’s past and present.


Michael A. Mack

Mike Mack

Mike, originally from The Northland (Philly, PA), has been a Low Country resident for over 30 years. In addition to being degreed in Forestry and Land Surveying, Mike is an avid gardener and Civil War buff. His own horticultural history lends great substance to garden tours, and he thrives on developing all of his tours through in-depth research that reveals the more truths within Savannah’s story and her people. Mike delivers the type of voracious presentations that enthralls his guests, hands down every time, and is considered one of the city’s most professional and entertaining tour guides.


Watch as Mike describes the things that get him excited to deliver a walking tour:


Orlando Montoya

Orlando Montoya

Noble Jones Tours is pleased to have Orlando Montoya on our team of artisan guides. A freelance writer and audio producer, Orlando puts it best in his own words: “Savannah is a vibrant, living city creating history every day. For 15 years, I had the privilege of reporting this history on the radio. During this time, I interviewed thousands of people for stories on the city’s arts, news and culture. I also had incredible first-person experiences uncovering stories about Savannah’s past. In 2007, I put this knowledge to work for visitors by becoming a licensed tour guide in the City of Savannah.”



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