Best Time To Visit Savannah, GA - Travel Tips For Every Season

Best Time To Visit Savannah, GA

Timing is everything if you want to visit Savannah. Each season offers unique and exciting experiences for every traveler, so let’s find out the best time to visit this idyllic destination.

All year round, Savannah floods with endless streams of globetrotters hailing from different corners of the world. However, each traveler is looking for their own extraordinary sense of adventure whenever they visit Savannah.

From private walking tours through the squares adorned with blossoming flowers to immersing yourself in Historic District’s rich heritage, you will have the best time discovering the allure of Savannah’s splendor during spring or fall.

To quench your thirst with an array of refreshing cold drinks, we recommend some summer fun on Savannah’s coastline. Enjoy breathtaking views and soak up the carefree vibes on rooftop bars or beachfront tiki huts.

If you are craving some quality alone time, avoid the peak tourist season and explore Savannah during the winter season.

So, what is the best time to visit Savannah, GA? Let’s deep dive so you can plan the most memorable trip to this beautiful city.

Is Savannah Worth Visiting?

Savannah is a true gem that is absolutely worth visiting. Immerse yourself in southern hospitality, delight in mouth-watering cuisine, and delve into the rich history of this charming city.

From the enchanting Historic District to serene squares to picturesque coastal landscapes and vibrant art scenes, there is something for every traveler in this city.

Whether exploring the cobblestone streets or basking in the beauty of its oak-lined avenues, Savannah will offer you a perfect combination of intellect and adventure.

Find out precisely what is Savannah, Georgia is known for so you can plan a trip of a lifetime.

What Is Savannah, Georgia Known For?

Savannah beckons tourists from all over the world because of its rich historical significance and captivating allure.

Being the oldest city in Georgia, it’s well endowed with well-preserved architecture and a rich heritage.

Aside from its pivotal role in American Revolution, you’ve probably seen some of its tenets, such as Juliette Gordon Low House and the famous Forest Gump scene.

Savannah is also home to the first African Baptist Church in the country. The church served as a safe house for many runaway slaves during the Civil War. You can still see the holes in the floorboards that acted as ventilators for the Underground Railroad.

Are you afraid of ghosts? Savannah is considered America’s most haunted city. Don’t let the liquid courage fool you; witnesses are claiming to see apparitions in Moon River Brewing Company.

However, it’s not all sad tales in Savannah. Take your cocktails to go within the bounds of the Historic District. You’ll no longer feel the pinch of leaving your drink at the bar if you move here.

Savannah is such a gift that it was offered as a present to President Lincoln in the Civil War. The beauty and tranquillity of the city inspired Union General Sherman to give it to the president as a Christmas gift.

The Best Time To Visit Savannah, GA

Now you know why visiting Savannah is such a trend amongst globetrotters. Let’s find out the best time to visit this storied city for a memorable experience.

Savannah In The Spring Season

Spring brings out a delightful charm in this alluring urban paradise.

The warmer temperatures of the spring season will immediately beckon you to abandon the indoors. With an average high temperature of 25 degrees, most people consider this season the best time to visit Savannah.

Plan your trip around mid-March to avoid the high tourist season. It’s the perfect time to relish in the pleasant spring weather and enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities.

Here are some of the fun activities you will enjoy:

  • Attend St. Patrick’s Day parade

  • Go to the Savannah Stopover Music Festival or Savannah Music Festival

  • Lounge at Forsyth Park

  • Shop along the riverfront

Savannah In The Summer Season

One of the best summer getaways is to the coastal city of Savannah! Lose yourself in the perfect blend of sun, culinary delights, exciting historical tours, and Southern charm.

As the late summer draws near, there will be a new wave of energy and exciting events. Pack your bikini or swimming trunks and discover why all roads lead to this lively city during the summer weather.

  • Visit Tybee Island

  • Relax on a riverboat cruise

  • Cool off on ice cream

  • Go for a picnic

  • Sail off into the sunset

  • Dance the night away

Savannah In The Fall Season

The enchanting fall season offers a flawless combination of pleasant weather and alluring views, making it ideal for all travelers.

With average temperatures of 60 Fahrenheit, you can bid the scorching summer heat goodbye in a comfortable atmosphere of exploration.

Witness the breathtaking fall foliage transforming the city into a beautiful tapestry of vibrant colors. Being the cheapest time to visit Savannah, you will make the most of your budget by immersing yourself in any of these activities:

  • Enjoy Tybee Island’s Pirates Fest

  • Attend the Savannah Jazz Festival at Forsyth Park

  • Blow your taste buds during the Shalom Y’All Jewish Food Festival

  • Get spooked on the River Street ghost tour

Savannah In The Winter Season

Escape the ordinary and visit Savannah during the winter months!

As much as it may seem unorthodox to go to the coastal city during the winter weather, you will appreciate the magical spell and enchanting atmosphere in cooler temperatures.

Meander through downtown Savannah to admire the picturesque streets adorned with festive decorations. It is the perfect time to explore the city’s hidden gems at your own pace.

To truly experience the magic of the holiday season in Savannah, make sure you:

  • Go for a historic sightseeing tour

  • Enjoy a Christmas show at the famous Savannah Theatre

  • Shop at the Christmas open-air market

Visit Savannah, GA For An Unforgettable Experience

What is the best time to visit Savannah, GA for a solo traveler or family? Contact us, at Noble Jones Tours!

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Discover the essence of Savannah through the fabric of its distinctive history. A comprehensive journey through the lens of James Oglethorpe’s dream of a Utopian Society.

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Civil War Tour

Antebellum Savannah to the aftermath of reconstruction, from the first secessionist rally to Sherman’s March to the Sea.

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A tour for true connoisseurs of Architecture. This tour is an examination of Savannah’s architecture from 1817-1923. Enjoy a smaller, more intimate group (we cap this tour at 10 guests) giving you the opportunity to ask your guide in-depth questions.

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Enjoy an exclusive Savannah Saunter customized to your interests. Whether your interests are focused on the American Revolution, the Civil War, architecture, religion, we will have the right guide for you.