• Noble Stroll

    Noble Stroll

    Book a Noble Stroll and you and your party get a highly rated, professional tour guide all to yourselves. Our most popular private tour.
  • Civil War Tour

    Civil War Tour

    Discover Savannah’s involvement before, during, and after the War Between the States. A favorite of history buffs.
  • Savannah Saunter

    Savannah Saunter

    The most popular of our public walking tours, the Savannah Saunter takes guests from General Oglethorpe's vision to the beguiling Historic District of today.
  • Historically Accurate Savannah Walking Tours

    Historically Accurate Savannah Walking Tours

    Historically accurate Savannah walking tours by Noble Jones Tours feature professional guides citing original research.

Walking Tours of Savannah

Welcome to Noble Jones Tours, purveyors of highly accurate, in-depth, engrossing Savannah walking tours. Discover this Southern jewel of a city, from her founding, her trials and triumphs, to her grace, beauty and mysteries within. Noble Jones Tours offers daily walking excursions led by licensed, professional guides who enthrall guests with intriguing historical accounts of Georgia’s First City.
Satisfy your craving for Savannah’s alluring past and present. Book your tour or combination of tours today and find out how the unending pursuit of truth through knowledge is a Noble Jones.

Customer Reviews of Savannah Walking Tours with Noble Jones –

“Great Tour Guides … Bill Thompson and Kelse -While visiting breathtaking Savannah, my sister- in-law and I chose Noble Jones Tours. Our tour guide for two tours was with a great Southern gentleman, Bill Thomson. He was delightful, charming, and full of history while adding his own little twist to things. He was also very humorous and kept us laughing a lot. After we got home I told my sister in law I actually missed Bill. He seemed more like a good friend than a guide. I’ll never forget his witty ways. I hope to return to Savannah some day and see him again. We had a wonderful time.Kelse was also our guide for one tour. He was full of energy and loved history as well. He made things come alive and you could imagine in your mind just how it was” Back Then”. He became a delightful friend as well. We learned a lot about Savannah on these tours because you are up close and personal seeing every little detail while on your walking tour. The weather was perfect and Savannah is a great place to visit! Tour with Noble Home Tours and you will not miss a thing. Thanks, Kelse and Bill for making our visit a very pleasant one….God Bless and Happy Tours.” – Trip Advisor Review – Renee Clark, Mt. Pleasant, Texas

“So Much Fun, We Went Again – My wife and I booked a tour with Kelse of Noble Jones. I can’t tell you the last time I learned so much while laughing. Kelse was not only knowledgeable, but funny too – actually I think we made him laugh as much as he made us. At the end of our tour both me and my wife agreed that one time around was not enough, so we made plans for a second tour the next day. We came to realize later in our visit that our tour was the only time we were able to find in-depth information regarding the history of Savannah.” – Trip Advisor Review – Dho67, Clearwater, Florida

“Fantastic Tour – My husband and I just got back from our first trip to Savannah and our walking tour, with Noble Jones, was one of our favorite activities. Upon our arrival to Reynolds Square we were offered a free upgraded tour to “The Whole Shebang”. Michael, our tour guide, was friendly, easy going and very knowledgeable. He was more than willing to take the time to answer all of our questions and to point out all the interesting nooks and crannies that the city has to offer. We would absolutely recommend this company to anybody planning on taking a walking tour (even in the summer humidity). Bring water and wear good shoes. Can’t wait to go back to Savannah someday!!” – Trip Advisor Review – MichNate, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Keith Blake was excellent! – Extraordinary presentation, casual and yet energetic, a passion for the subject.  He shared great details, entertained other’s thoughts and questions.  The most intense, detailed and informative presentations I have participated.  Clearly, an informed, educated effort. Not the simple, mystical and entertaining tour filled with rumor but one that entices our thoughts about the times, the tremendous events and the people of that critical era in our National and Southern History.  Overwhelmingly recommended by Stephen and Laura, who are enthusiast on history, genealogy and the roots that created and affected the nation.  Not a tour for those looking for a simple statement on sites but perfectly suited for those that want to know what is behind the walls and doors of the structures and personalities of those times in Savannah. Laura and Stephen Duncan