7 Amazing Places To Visit In Savannah, GA For History Buffs

Places To Visit In Savannah, GA

Get ready to step back in time as we unveil seven amazing places to visit in Savannah, GA that will leave you in awe.

From the moment you step foot in this charming city, the warm embrace of Southern hospitality will envelop you setting the stage for an unforgettable trip down memory lane.

Explore the alluring streets of Savannah, Georgia where history comes alive at every corner. You’ll witness the architectural marvels and hidden treasures of the Historic District as you immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the city market, where the past intertwines with the modern-day allure.

Don’t wait any longer! Visit Savannah Georgia, and let the wanderlust spirit engulf you in your journey through time. So, which are the incredible places to visit in Savannah, GA for a noteworthy adventure?

1) Historical Buildings Offer A Visual Feast

You won’t have gone through the annals of time if you don’t explore historic buildings in Savannah’s Historic District. The absolute goldmine has centuries of architectural marvels waiting to be discovered by curious souls.

Stroll along the cobblestone streets and take in the architectural gems gracing every corner.

To fully immerse yourself in history, you should book a public walking tour where experienced and knowledgeable guides will lead you on a memorable journey through time.

2) Step Into A Time Capsule In The Historic Homes

Witness centuries of captivating stories as you wander through historic Savannah. From the regal elegance of the Andrew Low House in Lafayette Square to the alluring beauty of the Mercer-Williams House Museum, each home depicts the tale of people, events, and cultural transformations that add to Savannah’s identity.

The meticulously furnished rooms, accentuated with period décor and artifacts, paint a very vivid picture of life in the past. The historic homes in the city center are more than just structures; they are more gateways to the past that will give you a glimpse into the rich history unfolded in the hallowed walls.

Here are some more to explore:

  • Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace

  • Sorrel Weed House Museum

  • Owens–Thomas House & Slave Quarters

3) Walk Through Time In Historic Churches And Cemeteries

Wander through the historic city, where time stands still, by visiting Savannah’s historic churches and cemeteries.

Adorned with exquisite designs, the architectural marvels, the church’s stunning facades, and intricate details have cultural and historical importance.

You can also feel the profound connection etched in the fabric of Savannah by exploring the ancient cemeteries. Adorned with moss-draped oak trees and weathered tombstones, you can hear the whispers of struggles and triumph that made Savannah what it is today.

Cross off these top landmarks if you want a deeper connection with the faithful and rested souls:

  • First African Baptist Church

  • Colonial Park cemetery

  • Congregation Mickve Israel

4) Unlock History’s Treasures By Visiting The Museums

Embark on an enchanting journey back in time in Savannah’s greatest museums. The prime combination of intellect and wonder will provide a deeper understanding of the cultural tapestry that forms the present heritage.

As you explore the hallowed halls, the patchwork of captivating stories and artistic expressions woven together unveils with every stop. Don’t leave without uncovering gems in these major museums:

  • Savannah History Museum

  • Georgia State Railroad Museum

  • Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

  • Savannah African Art Museum

  • Massie Heritage Center

5) Unveil The Secrets Of Art And History At Savannah’s Performing Arts Venues

Combine your love for the arts and appreciation for the past by visiting top performing arts venues in Savannah, GA. The mesmerizing journey of legendary performances resonating through time will be a great window to the city’s cultural heritage.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Savannah’s performing arts scene- where history intertwines with artistic expression. You will feel history wash over you in any of these centers:

  • The Historic Savannah Theatre

  • Trustees Theatre

  • Lucas Theatre For The Arts

6) Get Lost In Time In Parks And Public Squares

As you enter the urban oasis of Forsyth Park, you can feel the trees and the fragrant blooms beckoning you to explore. From the iconic Forsyth Park Fountain to the poignant Confederate Memorial Statue, all the park’s corners echo stories of triumph and turmoil.

Let the ambiance of Chippewa Square transport you to the bygone era with the statue of General James Oglethorpe. The founder of Savannah played a massive role in the city’s development. You are probably familiar with this area because of the scene from “Life is Like a Box of Chocolates,” a movie by Forest Gump.

Named after an Irish Nationalist, Robert Emmet, Emmet Park holds a special place in history. Dive into the city’s rich heritage as you explore the monuments that dot each corner of the park. From the scenic views of the Savannah River to the Talmadge Memorial Bridge, the park is a sanctuary where history comes alive.

Slide to the City Market between Ellis Square and Franklin Square and witness different artworks and handicrafts. You can also explore the American Prohibition Museum while still exploring the area.

7) Go For Immersive Adventures Along The Savannah River

Witness the past seamlessly blend with the present on River Street. If you want to delve deeper into Savannah’s maritime heritage, this bustling hub of trade and commerce is perfect.

Discover the remnants of old cotton warehouses as you explore Savannah’s charming shops and restaurants. Let the echoes of the past guide your steps, and enticing stories captivate your imagination.

Let the past envelope you as you visit these top historical sites along the Savannah River:

Fort Pulaski National Monument

Located only 15 minutes from historic downtown Savannah, this gem sits on Cockspur Island, where the Savannah River meets the waters of Tybee Island. Step inside and go to the Civil War era. You can imagine the lives of the soldiers who once called the monument home.

Old Fort Jackson Historic Site

Nestled near Savannah History Museum, this national historic landmark will take you back to the era of cannons, strategic battles, and soldiers. If you are a Civil War buff, visiting this historical site will give you a better understanding of its pivotal role in shaping the region’s history.

Discover The Best Places To Visit In Savannah, GA

Lace-up your comfortable shoes and hit the charming streets of Savannah to go back in time. Led by knowledgeable guides, you’ll meander through the Historic District and uncover the stories, legends, and architectural marvels that make Savannah so extraordinary.

But a walking tour isn’t simply about facts and figures – it’s about making personal connections. Book a walking tour with us to unveil the deeper secrets, connect with locals, and gain insider knowledge of the city’s cultural tapestry.

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